Copa Tanga 2021

CopaTanga - Beachultimate tournament for SeXXXy Players in Castelldefels/Spain since 2016

CT21 song

this years motto: Do it again


"24/7 and 365
You made another day, made it alive
So today, baby, remember it's okay
We're all floating through space"

- Sia and David Guetta - Floating Through Space (Official)

Time you have to wait for the welcome party:

2021/10/07 - LATEST UPDATE -

Last info before CopaTanga 21, that starts tomorrow:
We have our own telephone number for the tournament: +49 1515 3316506 (also for whatsapp). Stores the number for special questions.
Most of the communication will take place through the group: CT21 - for the players. So if you are not already in this group, join.
The game plan runs on leaguevine and is communicated via twitter and whatsapp. Twitter is: @copa_tanga
Unfortunately there is no bunker this year. Our tournament base is very close - at the Zona Kitesurf: The Wellcome Party will also take place there from 6 p.m.
We ask all teams to be accredited on Friday only between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. at the Zona Kitesurf.
Our physiotherapist Nuria will be there for you Saturday and Sunday (until afternoon). However, she asks for a face mask when visiting, as well as contact tracking.
Due to the Covid situation:
Unfortunately we are not allowed to go to the "Stadium" on Friday evening
Despite our best efforts, we are not allowed to go to any place where we can have a party with 300 people on Sunday evening.
If you have recovered or have been vaccinated, please remember to provide proof of this (if a check-up comes by the local  government)
Otherwise, please think of a test that is no older than 24 hours on Friday evening.
Despite Corona, we can offer food during the day on Saturday and Sunday and dinner on Saturday evening. You don't need any dishes or cutlery. Every meal comes with a container and cutlery. All in eco containers and cutlery :-)
We hope you have a safe journey and we look forward to having your first beer with you tomorrow evening.


most important facts


saturday, 08th of october to monday 11th of october 2021

Don't forget: both friday and monday evening there will be a party


zona kitesurf , castelldefels, spain is the headquater and main party location:  

fields: 5 fields at the beach around the bunker

number of participants

The tournament will be limited to 48 teams in 3 divisions mixed, women and men. The goal is to have 16 teams in each division, but erfahrungsgemäß there are more requests on mixed than on women. So there will be also an option with mixed-20, open-16 and women-12 teams.


Tournament format ist swiss draw for the first 5 rounds - followed by quarters, semis and finals 

what can you expect

As always – expect an amazing tournament with a high level of play and great parties! Party like there’s no tomorrow!

As always – enjoy three days of fun and sunshine.

As always – please don’t expect everything to be perfect.

As always – bring smiles from around the world to the Castelldefels Beach.

what you get and what you pay


There is a 250€ teamsfee and a individual fee.  That’s all in the 80,-€ individual fee (also for guests)!

  • free welcome tapas on friday

  • free drink on welcome party

  • free midday buffet on saturday

  • free dinner on saturday

  • free midday buffet on sunday

  • 25 € value Card for beer, longdrings or softdrinks

  • free entry to exclusive party @ a discothek on sunday(not this year because of COVID)

  • free midday paella by Gato and the Bunker Crew on monday (not this year because of COVID)

  • free bocadillo by Rober´s Frankfurt on monday during and after the finals

  • party all night from friday evening to monday evening forecast

Please take care of your clothing and suncream!



  • timetable:

  • saturday, 10:00 am - 7:00 pm, 9 rounds of 1 hour (3 games)

  • sundays, 10:00 am - 7:00 pm, 9 rounds of 1 hour (3 games)

  • mondays, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, 6 rounds of 1 hour (1 game)

  • games to 15 points, or 50 minutes => CAP1

  • first 5 rounds we will play swiss draw, followed by quarters, semis and finals

  • Schedule is here

Event plan




We have 3 Partner Hotels, checked and recommended by us within walking distance and a quantity of around 300 beds reserved. Do you want to meetup with other teams in the same hotel, the chance is very high at the partner hotels. We organized special group prices and conditions so you will also get good fares if you book our partner.

You can give a preferation on the hotels but we have to verteilen the beds in such a way that everybody gets a bed and no bed will be unused.

SG Costa ~ 110 beds
  • apartment rooms

  • 3 bed, 4 bed and 5 bed apartments

  • address: Passeig de la Marina, 116, 08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spanien

Marfina + Castelmar + Poerta Coelli ~ 130 beds
  • apartment rooms

  • 2 bed, 4 bed and 6 bed apartments

  • address: 

  • Marfina: Passeig Marítim, 165, 08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spanien

  • Castelmar: Passeig Marítim, 156, 08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spanien

  • Poerta Coelli: Carrer 13, 18, 08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spanien

Hotel153 ~ 60 beds
  • hotel rooms

  • double and triple rooms, 1 quadruple room

  • breakfast optional

  • address: Passeig de la Marina, 153, 08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spanien







Register your team here against a down payment of € 100, which will be fully refunded if you cancel by July 31th or if the Electoral Board of SeXXXpensive does not elect your team due to too many requests:

cancellation policy 
until end of august 2021

If you have to cancel, we would love it if you would show some solidarity and spirit for us. No one’s getting rich here, it is just to share a burden that is basically no ones fault.

Option 2 a) „Solidarity is key“
You allow us to keep 100 Euro from what you paid. That would be, if you are a team of 12 people, around 8,30 Euro per person. And it helps us a lot.

Option 2 b) „We wanna show some love“
You allow us to keep 200 Euro from what you paid. That would be, if you are a team of 12 players, around 16,60 Euro per person. And it helps us even more.

Option 2 c) „We wanna show you all the love“
You allow us to keep 300 Euro from what you paid. That would be, if you are a team of 12 players, around 24,90 Euro per person. And this would be amazing!

Option 2 x) „Out of cash“
If for whatever reason you are not able to or interested in supporting Copa Tanga financially, then simply choose Option 2x. We will not ask any questions or put your team on any blacklist.

cancellation policy 
after august

to be announced soon

"Bad ideas make the best memories .... Even if you don't remember, don't remember, don't remember, oh..." - Alle Farben


If you want to take part at CT21 in october as a single player, register here.  You will get on the list below.

If your team are looking for players, just get in contact with the ultimate friends below.


Please see the teams with the following status:

  1. confirmed for october 2021

  2. elected and payed

  3. waiting list

  4. requested

  5. canceled (for former dates)

Click fo better view


All your questions to will be answered through the FAQ Site so everyone can check those informations at any time.

TD Heiko Walldorf   +4917681187476
TD Robert Pesch    +491714192539


Dear Sexy Copa Tanga participants, 

We know this is a rough year for us all but we are very positive that all will get better and we will have a wonderful tournament.

Here is a bit last minute info for those teams still not 100% decided:

You can of course update your roster and if you have less players coming than initially signed up, then we will refund according to the following options:

For any questions please contact us at: – please do not use other channels as we do not monitor them regularly.
Please be aware that we require players to present proof of either being fully vaccinated, recovered or a PCR test no older than 48hours.

CU soon
CT21 Crew



Dear Sexxxy Players and Party People!


Status by today:

  • From tournament director's side: Yes, we are optimistic and plan that Copa Tanga will happen! Our flights are booked.!

  • From government side: Yes, the government expects that it can place!

In case that the tournament has to be canceled by tournament directors or government side, the cancellation policy is the following: All fees will be refunded with the option of a voluntary donation!


For all teams - status 2 - elected and paid. Please take care about the following steps until friday, 27th of august:

  • Please give us a confirmation for the participation of your team in october 2021 - different to our announcement before.

  • Please update the roster - if you need your link again -write us and we send the link to you.

For all teams 3  - elected:

  • Please give us confirmation for the participation of your team in october 2021 by paying
    the teamfee and 10x playersfee (850 Euro) on the following account as soon as possible:

Name - Heiko Walldorf

IBAN - DE07100110012622107277

Bank - N26 Bank GmbH Berlin


paypal -


Stay well and healthy!

Your Sexy Copa Tanga Crew & Sexxxpensive

PS: If you have questions or comments, write us to


Dear Sexxxy Players and Party People!

Due to the current situation, we think that CT21 will take place in October 2021. At least that's how we plan it and we are really looking forward to see you all back on the beach. We still have a lot of teams who didn't cancel their spot.

This is a reminder for those teams to reconfirm their spot as well as a call for the other teams to act.

Conditions of participation: recovered or vaccinated. Of course we have to accept all local covid rules and we will, but our additional rule is recovered or vaccinated.

Here you can find the current registration status and the “todo” you have to do:

  • 2 Elected teams:
    All teams with elected and paid have registered for the CT20 at an earlier point in time and have secured a spot (as they have already been paid for)
    Please check both your registration and your roster in the next 14 days.
    We assume that you and your team will come to Castelldefels in October. Should you unfortunately not be able to come, write to us at:

  • 3 waiting list
    If there are still places available at the end of July, we will write to you whether you can still get a spot.

  • 4 requested
    You applied for CT20 - spring 2021 adition. We will keep your application for autumn 2021 and will write to you at the end of July, just like the teams on the wailing list.

  • 5 cancelled
    If you want to take part in autumn, please register again here!

  • New applications
    You can apply here until the end of July.

Go to Registration List

Stay well and healthy!

Your Sexy Copa Tanga Crew & Sexxxpensive

PS: If you have questions or comments, write us to


Dear Sexxxy Players and Party People!

We had to make a decision if Copa Tanga 2020 would be possible and we came to the conclusion that a really Sexxxy tourmanent will not be possible this year. No “pass the ice cube” or getting to know foreign tongues, close dancing …….

So we sadly have to inform you that Copa Tanga is delayed to October 9-11, 2021. 

Please save the new date in all your calendars and prepare for another really wonderful, Sexxxy tournament.

Stay healthy and sexy,

Your Sexy Copa Tanga Crew & Sexxxpensive